Beginners Guide

  1. You need Crypto-Wallets to store your Cryptocoins. You need a wallet for each type of Cryptocurrency.
  2. Register an account on (it’s FREE) and you wil get wallets for each of their supported Cryptocoins.
    • Use an e-mail to register – You can create a FREE e-mail for the purpose at or
    • Choose a password and complete the Human verification (reCAPTCHA).
    • You might have to confirm your e-mail address to complete the registration of your account.
  3. You manage your wallets by going to CoinPot and login to your account.

You are know ready to start getting free cryptocoins.

How you claim your Cryptocoins:
  1. You click on a link in my list of faucets on the frontpage.
  2. On the Crypto-Faucet website you enter a wallet-address (should be a deposit address) that match the Cryptocoin you will get from the faucet.
  3. Click on “claim now” and solve the Human verification (reCAPTCHA) and claim your reward, your reward will be sent directly to your wallet account.
  4. If you use a wrong wallet-address expect your reward to be lost.

The Human verification (reCAPTCHA) looks like this:

CoinPot-Faucets are the highest paying faucets.

The longer you wait before claiming the more you can claim but the build up rate slowly decrease.
There are also a Bonus you can earn:
  • You will earn a % bonus which builds up for every day in a row that you make a faucet claim.
  • This bonus increases by 1% per day, up to a maximum of 100% (doubled payouts!!!)
    • Day 1: 0% bonus
    • Day 2: 1% bonus
    • Day 3: 2% bonus
    • Etc.
  • If you miss a day then your bonus will reset back to 0% and you must build it up again!!