Get FREE Cryptocoins for a few Mouseclicks!
You can get:  Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Tron, Digibyte, ZCash, Tether Tron. 

Crypto Faucet Explained:

  1. A Faucet is a pool of cryptocoins that you can get a piece of by clicking your mouse a few times.

  2. A Faucet is placed on a website, having a faucet on a website makes more people come and visit.

  3. The website owner place ads on the website, you don't have to click on the ads, the website owner only need views to make money.

  4. Some of the money made from ads is often used to buy more cryptocoins to fill up the pool, this way the website owner keeps making money and we keep getting FREE Cryptocoins.

  5. On the Crypto-Faucet website you enter a wallet-address that match the Cryptocoin you will get from the faucet.

  6. You now solve the capthas and claim your reward, your reward will be sent directly to your wallet account.

  7. If you use a wrong wallet-address expect your reward to be lost.