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You can get:  Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Tron, Digibyte, ZCash, Tether Tron. 

How To Maximize your profit

To maximize your profit do as following:

  1. Complete as many Faucet claims/rolls as you can.

  2. View all the PTC Ads on Cointiply and FireFaucet (You view an ad for a few seconds and get paid), it doesn't take long and it pays well. Note: When you View PTC Ads on Cointiply you don't have be looking at their page so you can watch the PTC Ads on FireFaucet at the same time.

  3. Do Tasks on FireFaucet to get a lot of extra ACP that can either be converted into Crypto or used to do Auto Faucet claims.

  4. Send your Bitcoin to the Crypto Faucet whenever you can! On you earn interest on your Bitcoin balance when you have a minimum of 30.000 Satoshi - Let your Crypto work for you!